Below you find a few blog articles, sorted in descending order by date. Most articles are about computer-related stuff.

20130901 Racecap Rain Improvement
20120701 PowerPoint Videos from Images
20120701 Anything 2 pdf or ps
20120212 droceRoG Sources Released
20100529 Read Images from a Webcam via Python
20100309 latex pdf Instant Update Viewer
20100102 Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 80211bg with Karmic
20090326 Disable the systems beep
20090224 Debugging Matlab Mex files with Valgrind and DDD
20081215 Creating IEEE compliant PDFs
20080619 LaTeX Beamer Get rid of font warnings
20080612 Load bashrc in Cygwin at startup
20080416 Ctags for Matlab files
20071209 Trust in VIM Omni Completion
20071209 Activating the latex suite for gvim
20070920 Using the most cool documentation tool ever pydoc
20070916 Activate Canon Scanner LIDE20
20070909 GTK Using gtk AboutDialog
20070724 Umlauts with qwerty keyboards
20070718 Formatting Validating XML while you type
20070711 XEmacs and LaTeX
20070510 Avoid Cisco Linux VPNC
20070423 Patch for the vpn client cisco
20070303 PHILIPS SPC900NC WEBCAM under Ubuntu
20070228 User Friendly XBoard

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A2pdf.sh545 Bnone
A2ps.sh445 Bnone
XEmacs_quickref.pdf80 KBnone
auctex-ref.pdf96.25 KBnone
createIEEEPDF.sh622 Bnone
createWinVid.sh800 Bnone
ctags.zip241 Bnone
vpnclient-linux-2.6.19+-rev1.diff3.54 KBnone