GnuPG for Evolution

Don't want others to read your mails ?! Use encryption!
Before you kan actually use GPG, you need to do a couple of other things first.
After that Evolution is able to either encrypt mails completely or sign them with a encrypted signature. For any more info you should take a closer look at

First of all you have to install gpg on your system. With Ubuntu you can do that via Synaptic or you choose apt-get, either way works just fine.

To generate you private key you now can type the following command into your terminal

bash:~$ gpg --gen-key

gpg will now prompt for some info, e.g. algorithm to be used, key length...
After that you enter your name, email and some additional info about yourself. Finally gpg needs a phrase to generate the key.

Now you are almost done. Easy, ha ?!

You can check your key info with the following command:

bash:~$ gpg --list-keys

It will list the public key including its path. If you want to send your public key to other users you can simply send them the file


Jiiieha, that was easy. And now lets just publish the public key to a keyserver of my choice. It's as easy as typing the following command

bash:~$ gpg --send-keys --keyserver somekeyserver myID
where myID is the ID you get with the gpg --list-keys command and somekeyserver is the keyserver of your choice, e.g. .

To encrypt a message you would need the public key of the receiver and your own private key. To get the public key of someuser you also can just type in the command

bash:~$ gpg --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver someuserID

After you have typed in the prompted password the keyinfo will be saved to your machine. Now you can send encrypted messages to that person...

If you get the public key via mail, you can save the file attached to that mail and add it to your keyring with

bash:~$ gpg filename

Finally some Evolution accounting stuff:
To activate pgp for your account, you just go to Properties and there you look for the registry called Security. Enter your ID there and hit OK.

When you want to write an email now, you can just go to the menu bar, click security ->PGP sign OR security ->PGP encrypt.
For decryption Evolution will ask for the password that you should have gotten from the sender of the message, preferably NOT via email...

Author: Frederic Siepmann, published: 2007-03-02 13:41:48