Patch for the vpn client (cisco)

Many universities or other institutions require the cisco vpn client for WLAN access. This may be a problem if you use the (at time of writing) new ubuntu feisty fawn distribution. The client is not compiled correctly because in the kernel headers a "config.h" is required which is not longer in the kernel headers.
Here a solution is presented which I found in the web and which worked for me quite well.

The problem

When you are working with the kernel version 2.6.19 and above you might get the following error while compiling the vpn client:

linux/config.h: No such file or directory

The solution

There exists a patch for the vpn client (click here for the original blog entry) which requires the following steps:

1. Untar the VPN Client
bash:~$ tar xzf vpnclient-linux-<something>.tar.gz

2. Download the patch
bash:~$ wget -q
or, alternatively:
Switch to this download section and fetch it manually.

3. Change to the vpnclient diretory
bash:~$ cd vpnclient

4. Apply the patch
bash:~/vpnclient$ patch <../vpnclient-linux-2.6.19+-rev1.diff
patching file IPSecDrvOS_linux.c
patching file frag.c
patching file interceptor.c
patching file linuxcniapi.c

Now the patch has been applied and you can safely install the client
bash:~/vpnclient$ ./vpn_install

That did the work for me.

Addition: Connect with Ubuntu Feisty

It might be the case that you can't set up a connection. The vpnclient exits with the following error:

Initializing the VPN connection.
Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client
Reason: Failed to establish a VPN connection.
There are no new notifications at this time.

Solution: When you type in your console

# ifconfig
you see an interface eth0:avah. This is the malefactor. Deactivate the roaming modus for the interface eth0 and try connect with the vpnclient. It should work now.

Section Blog: Available Downloads

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Author: Christoph Hermes, published: 2007-04-23 14:34:54