Disable the system's beep

Especially when you working with other people in an office, the system's beep can be very annoying to others. E.g. this can occur when you hit the ESC key twice.

A very simple solution (which I got from here) is to add a line in your ~/.inputrc file (or create the file with the following line, when you haven't got one):

set bell-style none

Please login again to activate the settings. That's all!

In other forums, the option

set bell-style visible

is also recommended, but if you switch to a X-server free console (e.g. by hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1), the beep occurs in that case, too.

xset b off (or xset -b or xset b 0)

also does the trick. There are some more things xset can solve in a quick way, e.g. screen saver, LED on/off, mouse acceleration...

Author: Christoph Hermes, published: 2009-03-26 09:44:41