LaTeX-Beamer: Get rid of font warnings

When producing nice slides with the LaTeX beamer package, I got several font warnings when I inserted math formula.

The warnings were from the following kind:

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/cmss/m/it' in size <9> not available

The solution is quite simple but required some digging in the mailing archives of the world wide web. Simply include the packages


\usepackage{type1cm} % fonts used by xfig generated figures needs that

The first line tells LaTeX that I'm using utf8 encoded documents/files, the second and the third one deactivate the font warning. Please consider that the only use of the second line will at least prohibit the original font warning, but produces new ones and a very nasty thin-looking font shape (in my case, you may try it out for yourself). The third line does the trick.

The rest is an inclusion of the most important math packages you want to use. I'm not quite sure whether these  packages also have their fonts shipped by.

Author: Christoph Hermes, published: 2008-06-19 09:33:40