Welcome to the personal homepage of Christoph Hermes.

These pages are mostly related to my research activities in computer science, hobbies, and little projects worthy to be published. Feel free to explore.

The term 'hausmilbe' is German for 'home mite', tiny creatures living in your house. Why should I name this site after these little monsters? Nobody else does, that's why.


So 30. Dec 2014 Removed the links to the official marriage photo album.
Sa 12. Jul 2014 Added links to the official (but pw-protected) marriage photo album.
Su 15. Dec 2013 Began to fill the projects site and a new blog entry.
Tu 27. Aug 2013 Removed obsolete pages. Beginning to fill the Project pages. Added dissertation.
Su 01. Jul 2012 New articles: create PowerPoint videos from images with mencoder and scripts to convert anything text-like to pdf/ps. Also added publications list with references to PDFs.
Sa 30. Jun 2012 Finished conversion of blog articles into new style. Despite being useful for more than five people working on a webpage, Joomla (previous version of hausmilbe.net) created really crappy html code. But it was quite easy to extract the articles from the SQL database via Python scripts.
Th 28. Jun 2012 Converted blogs into human-readable format / fixed typos.
Tu 26. Jun 2012 After a few weeks off-line, finally a new layout and a simple website structure. I was able to retrieve the blog entries from the SQL database, although they still look a bit weird...